Data is currency. It’s ubiquitous and in many spaces it’s commoditized, but not here. Luminate data speaks. It sings. It captivates. It tells us what people love most and why. It shows us how we spend our precious time and how we live with technology. To us, it’s more than numbers and code. It’s the shows we binge and the songs we can’t get out of our heads and all the ways fans like us connect to all forms of entertainment. We love what we do because we love what it’s all about.

Earn the trust.

Relationships thrive on it. Decisions depend on it. Our data deepens it. From our people to our products to our partnerships, we are accurate, clear, and real. The industry knows we power entertainment’s information economy and takes comfort. Why? Because we tenaciously pursue veracity. We’re proud of our work and its worth. For us, data is more than information. It’s perspective, direction, and truth.

Open the mind.

We seek to learn from anyone anywhere who has anything to teach. So, we keep widening the circle. Welcoming new people with fresh perspectives. Exploring the world’s wondrous catalog of collective genius. From our eclectic employee teams to our partners from every pocket of entertainment, we celebrate all the differences that make us so damn cool. And we strive to serve each of our colleagues and collaborators, in all of our communities.

See the way.

Forward. Around. Through. We’ve got moves. We relentlessly reimagine what’s possible. Our partners realize this, and that’s why they keep coming back. They believe in us not only because we’re established, but because we’re evolving. Because we’ve unburdened ourselves of stubborn biases and preconceived notions. We know there’s always a better way. And we live to challenge our own thinking. No hubris here. Just electric innovation. And amplified quality.

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We earn the trust, open the mind and see the way in all that we do at Luminate. Our employee experience does just this. From comprehensive health and welfare benefits with features that focus on mind and body wellbeing – including access to Talkspace and Calm – to benefits that support your financial wellbeing with our generous 401k match and child and elder care assistance. Luminate is an inclusive working environment where we work flexibly and collaboratively. With uncapped vacation (yes, uncapped!) you are empowered to do the things you enjoy.

– Comprehensive Healthcare

– Welfare Benefits

– Access to Talkspace and Calm

– Generous 401k Match

– Child and Elder Care Assistance

– Inclusive Working Environment

– Work flexibly and collaboratively

– Uncapped Vacation

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